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Trustworthy legal advisers pursue strong results in civil rights, business planning and bankruptcy cases

A skilled attorney with a successful track record can find solutions that other attorneys miss. At Paladin Law Offices, PC in Pittsburgh, our lawyers have almost 50 years of combined experience helping Pennsylvania clients meet their goals in a wide range of litigation and business matters. Whether you’re looking to launch a new business venture or believe your legal rights have been violated, we can provide knowledgeable advice that puts you on the right path.

Knowledgeable advice if you’re launching a Pennsylvania business

Starting a new business requires so much effort that it can be easy to overlook legal details. If you are launching a new venture in Pennsylvania, we can explain the choices you have in matters such as:

  • Corporate formation — Our lawyers outline the advantages and drawbacks of corporations, partnerships and other types of legal entities such as LLCs. When you determine what suits you best, we will prepare the requisite materials and file them with the Pennsylvania Department of State or the relevant authority in the state where you wish to incorporate.
  • Tax status — Decisions on tax filing status can have a significant impact on your company and personal finances. We look at the specific circumstances of clients to evaluate the benefits of different tax filing classifications such as S and C corporations.
  • Licensing and permits — Creating a legal structure is only the first step to launching a commercial operation. Our lawyers understand the licenses and other authorizations that are necessary to open your doors.

The decisions you make at the start of your business can lay the groundwork for a successful future. Our lawyers guide you through each step so that you have the best chance to thrive in the long term.

Lawyers advise on bankruptcy options for people struggling with debt

Even if you think your personal or business debt cannot be relieved, it’s important for you to know that legal options are available. Our firm will examine your situation closely and help you decide whether one of these bankruptcy options will provide the relief you seek:

  • Chapter 7 discharge — If you have no reasonable means of resolving your debt problems, our firm can help you obtain a fresh start through the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process. If you qualify, many of your obligations will be discharged following a liquidation of certain assets.
  • Chapter 13 debt repayment — People who are earning income but cannot meet their current payment obligations can stop collector harassment by filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. Under this “wage-earner’s plan,” the court approves a schedule by which you can repay creditors over three to five years.
  • Chapter 11 reorganization — Mostly used by businesses, this type of bankruptcy allows companies to remain in operation while developing a plan to satisfy their debts. An effective reorganization enables debtors to establish feasible payment terms while continuing to earn income.

If bankruptcy is the best way to lift the financial burden you’re facing, our attorneys have the experience and skill to guide you through the process without any undue stress or hardship.

Skilled representation for civil rights matters and other litigation

Asserting one’s rights in a complicated legal system can be difficult without the proper legal support. This process is even more intimidating if your civil rights have been violated by law enforcement or another powerful government entity. Our attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ legal and civil rights are protected and enforced. If you have been mistreated by a police officer or faced discrimination in another arena, we can explain what legal remedies exist. Our firm litigates all types of civil matters in state and federal courts. Whether your case involves an alleged contract breach, tortious conduct or some other type of dispute, we will advocate for you in court or through negotiation.

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Paladin Law Offices, PC represents clients throughout Western Pennsylvania in civil rights, business and bankruptcy cases as well as family law, estate planning and civil litigation. If you need experienced representation in any of these areas, we look forward to showing you how we can help. Please call 412-618-5367 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Pittsburgh office.