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Family Law

Pittsburgh Family Law Attorneys Help Resolve Household Issues

Skilled Pennsylvania lawyers handle marital and parenting disputes

At Paladin Law Offices, PC in Pittsburgh, our attorneys provide caring support to people who are going through a divorce, child custody action or any other family legal matter. We work closely with each client and provide honest advice about what they can expect. Even when problems are complicated or difficult, our attorneys can help you reach a positive conclusion without undue cost or aggravation.

Law firm delivers knowledgeable representation for divorcing spouses

Ending a marriage is never an easy process, but with compassionate, knowledgeable advice, you can reach a conclusion that gives you the ability and confidence to start a new phase in your life. Our attorneys help with each aspect of a breakup, including:

  • Filing — Pennsylvania authorizes both no-fault divorce and traditional marriage dissolution where one spouse alleges that their partner has committed some type of misconduct. Usually, a no-fault divorce based on mutual consent or a two-year separation is much more cost-effective. Residence within the state for at least six months is required.
  • Property division — When couples cannot agree on how to split property, Pennsylvania courts make this determination based on the principle of equitable distribution. Under this rule, assets are allocated based on what the judge believes is fair after evaluating various factors. This does not necessarily result in equal shares. We represent spouses and argue for accurate valuation and a fair outcome.
  • Alimony — In cases where one spouse devoted their time and energy to taking care of the household and children, alimony might be awarded to account for that partner’s reduced earning ability. Judges often base their decisions on the length of the marriage, the couple’s standard of living and the amount of time necessary for an ex-spouse to become self-supporting.

Whether your divorce is amicable or contentious, we will always focus on attaining an outcome that preserves your legal rights and fosters your well-being.

Advocating for parents in child custody and visitation matters

Often, parents of minor children can settle issues of child custody and support on their own. In most cases, everyone benefits when questions regarding residence, visitation and decision-making authority are reached through consensus. When this is not possible, we represent parents in custody matters to demonstrate what arrangements will be in the child’s best interests. Judges can look at a variety of factors including educational concerns, safety and even the child’s preference. If one parent is awarded physical custody, we work diligently to create a plan that allows the noncustodial parent to maintain frequent and meaningful contact with their son or daughter.

Assisting with collaborative divorce for couples who want to avoid litigation

Often, spouses can resolve the terms of their divorce cooperatively. Choosing to work together as part of a collaborative divorce process can sharply reduce the time, money and stress associated with ending your marriage. We represent spouses in this alternative dispute resolution method where parties share information freely and work together to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Though the setting is less adversarial, we will ensure that your rights are preserved and that all legal requirements are satisfied.

Contact a Pittsburgh family law attorney for effective legal assistance

Paladin Law Offices, PC represents clients throughout Western Pennsylvania in family litigation and numerous other practice areas, including estate planning and civil litigation. If you need experienced representation in any of these areas, we look forward to showing you how we can help. Please call 412-618-5367 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Pittsburgh office.