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Real Estate/Wills & Probate

Western Pennsylvania Attorneys Safeguard Property Rights

Pittsburgh law firm assists with property transactions and estate planning

Whether you’re buying your first home or deciding who should inherit your estate, you have a fundamental right to protect your property and distribute it according to your wishes. However, without proper planning and experienced legal counsel, key tasks might be overlooked or mishandled. At Paladin Law Offices, PC, our attorneys have five decades of experience helping clients with real estate transactions, wills and probate matters. Our skilled lawyers will explain your options clearly and guide you toward the result that you seek.

Comprehensive representation for real estate issues

Whether the property in question is used as a residence or for commercial purposes, real estate is a pivotal and substantial investment. Our attorneys provide the detailed legal support required for all types of real estate issues such as:

  • Transactions — If you are buying or selling real estate, our attorneys bring a strict attention to detail so that you understand every aspect of your deal. We understand how small oversights can lead to big problems later. Accordingly, we communicate each aspect of the transaction to you in clear, accurate terms.
  • Landlord-tenant matters — Rental property presents special legal challenges. Our firm helps landlords to draft leases and tenants to review them so that each party understands its rights and obligations. When conflicts arise over conditions, rent payments or other items, we seek cost-effective resolutions for our clients that minimize the disruption to their home or business.
  • Property disputes — When someone violates your property rights, quick action is necessary to protect the value of what you own. We advise homeowners and businesses on their rights and the options they have to preserve the worth of their real estate.

For any type of property, we have the legal background and local knowledge to handle your matter in a professional, cost-effective manner.

Drafting wills to protect and distribute assets

Delaying the preparation of your will can have serious consequences for your family. Don’t be misled into believing that careful estate planning is only necessary for those with large fortunes. If you own any property or have minor children, you need to set forth clear instructions so that your assets are allocated on your terms rather than the state’s and your children are protected in the event of your untimely death. Our seasoned attorneys will guide you through the process, advising you of potential tax and probate issues. We will help you appoint a trusted executor and complete an authoritative document that satisfies legal requirements and represents your values and priorities. After you’ve made your estate plan, we can review it regularly to make necessary updates and revisions.

Attorneys work to resolve probate matters effectively

If you are the executor or administrator of someone’s estate, our firm can guide you efficiently through Pennsylvania’s probate process. Certain assets, such as life insurance policies and jointly owned accounts, are not part of the probated estate. For every item that is part of the estate, we will advise you on how to proceed. Whether your matter is eligible for simplified small-estate treatment or goes through the regular procedure, our attorneys will guide you through each required task. We will identify all of the relevant property, bring it into the estate, manage legal and financial obligations, and then distribute each asset according to the will’s instructions. Should a dispute arise, our firm will advocate for a decision that enforces the decedent’s wishes.

Contact a skilled Pittsburgh property and estate lawyer for comprehensive assistance

Paladin Law Offices, PC assists Western Pennsylvanians with wills, probate issues and real estate matters in addition to family law and civil litigation issues. If you need experienced representation in any of these areas, we look forward to showing you how we can help. Please call 412-618-5367 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Pittsburgh office.